Byton’s New Electric SUV: What You Need to Know

Byton may not be a name you’re too familiar with on the EV scene, but that’s about to change. The Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer recently unveiled a concept of their new electric SUV.

Although this isn’t the finished product, Byton says it represents about 85% of the production model.

Specifications and Price

Considering how many SUVs are on our roads, there is a distinct lack of electric SUVs on offer. Of course, there’s Tesla’s Model X but if you don’t have around $80,000 to spend, it’s not an option.

Enter Byton and their luxury electric SUV, which will cost around $45,000 for the base model.

A 200 kW motor will send the power to the rear wheels and, thanks to a 95 kWh battery pack, the base model will have a 250-mile range. If you opt for the premium version, however, you’ll get a 350 kW dual-motor AWD powertrain, and a 323-mile range. It’s not yet known how much the premium model will cost.

Byton’s SUV has all the specs of a luxury electric SUV at a more affordable price than Tesla’s Model X.

Electronic Features

Everything looks impressive, it has respectably sized motors, a good range, and is relatively cheap for a luxury SUV. But all of these points are outshined by its electronics, which are truly next level.

These are just some of the features on offer:

  • Human-vehicle interaction incorporating touch control, voice recognition, hand gesture control and biometric identification technology.
  • A Shared Experience Display center console measuring 125 x 25 cm, as well as three more display screens.
  • Level 4 self-driving capabilities.
  • Hardware which is prepared for 5G communication, and transfer rates of up to 10 Gbit/second.
  • A dedicated independent Security Lab which will ensure all data within the vehicle and connected to the cloud is kept safe.
  • AI and machine learning capabilities which can advise the driver on what to do next after analyzing their calendar, hobbies, and locations.

The SUV will be able to monitor the driver’s health status, including weight, blood pressure, and heart rate.

It can then give the driver fitness and health advice. Finally, Byton’s SUV saves personalized driver preferences and then adjusts when it recognizes a driver’s face.

The level of tech inside Byton’s SUV makes it seem more like a space shuttle than an electric vehicle.

The Competition

Although there’s no real competitor for Byton’s SUV right now, it looks like it will be in direct competition with Tesla’s Model Y. Tesla hasn’t unveiled the Model Y just yet but it’s expected to launch late in 2019 or in 2020.

As for Byton’s SUV, it will also launch in 2019, but only in China, customers in the US and Europe will have to wait until 2020.

Will the next-level electronic features on Byton’s SUV be enough to take the spotlight from Tesla in the luxury electric SUV market?

By Robert Bacon
Updated: January 25, 2018