The Apps Behind the Electric Vehicle Revolution

We can engage with most of the technology around us by using our phones, and electric vehicles are no different. Whether you want to find the nearest charging station or check what EV best suits you, there’s an app for it.


PlugShare is, arguably, the most beneficial app for any EV owner. It shows the most extensive map of charging stations all over the world. You can use PlugShare to plan your trips, ensuring you’re never going to be caught out with a low battery.

Homeowners can even opt to have their own home charging stations appear on PlugShare. They leave their contact information and ask that you contact them before arrival. A good example of the existing EV community helping the industry evolve.

Users can see if charging stations are in use, and how much longer they’re likely to be occupied for. Of course, this works better if more users download the app, so get downloading. Plugshare is free and available for both android and iOS devices.

iEV 3

If you’re thinking about making the switch to electric but aren’t sure if it’s a feasible move, download iEV 3. You can see a list of all the EVs currently available and check your requirements against their specs.

IEV 3 records the trips you regularly make to see if an EV would suit your lifestyle. Then, you can see you how much you, personally, would save by making the switch to your chosen EV. IEV 3 is free and available for both android and iOS devices.

Leaf Manager

Leaf Manager is an app just for Nissan Leaf owners, so not much use if you don’t have one. But if you’re one of the 350,000 Leaf owners in the world, Leaf Manager is a must-have app. It allows users to:

  • Check the state of battery charge
  • Start and stop charging
  • See the estimated driving range
  • Turn on or off the climate control system

The ability to start and stop charging is particularly useful for those who don’t use their Leaf for extended periods of time. It’s important for your Leaf’s battery health that the battery isn’t fully discharged for a long time. Leaf Manager is available for both iOS and Android operating systems for $9.99.

Leaf owners aren’t the only ones who can avail of apps like these, quite a few manufacturers have released similar apps. So, be sure to check if your EV has a dedicated app.

Do you use any EV apps that aren’t mentioned here? Let us know in the comment section below.

By Robert Bacon
Updated: March 28, 2017