The Tesla Takeover: Get Ready for the Model 3

Tesla has been synonymous with electric vehicles since the first Roadster was released in 2008. And, unsurprisingly, in the electric vehicle industry, Tesla has the highest brand awareness by far. But, according to a recent report, Tesla’s popularity could reach new highs later this year.

Model 3

Tesla’s soon-to-be-released Model 3 is one of the most eagerly anticipated EVs of all time. Last year, official reservation figures for the Model 3 were over 400,000, but its popularity is growing still.

Tesla Model 3

A recent global electric car and driver report, conducted by CleanTechnica, shows Tesla leading the EV race, in particular, their Model 3. According to the report, 23 – 50% of electric vehicle drivers plan on buying a Model 3 as their next car. European EV drivers showed marginally more love for Tesla than their North American counterparts.

Tesla has, essentially, built their brand around their high-end Model S and Model X EVs. But, once the Model 3 is in full production, it’s expected to generate $20 billion in revenue per year for Tesla. With prices starting at $35,000 it will open up an entirely new market for Tesla.

The Model 3 looks set to become one of the most popular electric cars ever made.

Tesla Customer Base

The Model 3 will bring a new market, and findings from the CleanTechnica report suggests consumers will stay with the manufacturer. Currently, 91.6% of European Tesla drivers and 90.4% of North American Tesla drivers will be buying another Tesla.

If Tesla can keep Model 3 customers as happy as their previous customers, the manufacturer should go from strength to strength. Which is saying a lot considering Tesla surged ahead of Ford in terms of stock market value in April.

Tesla’s Model Y, an electric crossover using the Model 3 platform, is expected late in 2019 or 2020. Rounding out their overall selection and expanding their potential market.

Tesla’ Full Product Line

Tesla isn’t just in the business of making cars. Recently Tesla launched their solar slate, which is a slate for the roof of your house and a solar panel. So, now you could have a roof made nearly entirely of solar panels.

Tesla Solar Roof

Excess energy, which would usually go back into the grid, can now be stored in a Tesla Powerwall. The Powerwall is, essentially, a giant battery for your house that stores excess renewable energy. So, get your energy with the Tesla solar slate, store it with the Powerwall, and use it in a Tesla EV.

Tesla Powerwall

In a way, Tesla is providing an all-in-one package so you, the consumer, can stop using fossil fuels. Using the solar roof and Powerwall together, with an EV, means you’re not just getting cheap clean energy, you’re getting free energy.

While the energy is free, you still have to buy the products. And, as you would expect, these products aren’t exactly cheap, but it’s all step in the right direction.

By Robert Bacon
Updated: May 25, 2017